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Enjoy all this with Frontline Hosting!

Maintain full control over
your sites and domains

Windows and Linux web hosting is now available across all our packages

Over $550 of FREE full version software with all hosting packages

Customer support available via phone, email, live chat

Unconditional 45 day web hosting guarantee is clear and simple




Why a Domain.com VPS?

Who Needs a VPS?
The perfect business or personal solution
Great for business or personal use, VPS hosting empowers you with literally limitless options ranging from hosting unlimited domains to full root access to your server.

With your VPS administrator logon, not only can you manage hosting for multiple domains, each domain you host can have its own custom branded control panel with unique logon. This feature is great for entrepreneurs, businesses, web developers, hosting resellers, software developers, open source enthusiasts, and everyone who wants the freedom to create and manage multiple hosting accounts under one plan.
Order today: Linux VPS Windows VPS.

Why a Domain.com VPS?
Powerful, affordable, rock-solid

Nearly all the benefits of a true dedicated server at an affordable price
Host 30 to unlimited domains in one hosting plan
Manage hosting, email, applications, and databases for all your domains in one place
Resell hosting
Full Root Access to your server
Install applications, programming languages, modules, and more at root level
Secure, isolated environment using hardened Virtuozzo technology
Hosted at a Tier 1 data center. Multi-homed, redundant network featuring Tier-1 Gigabit and OCx Internet connections. Best-of-breed server, router, and firewall equipment.
Dedicated IP address
No setup fee
Knowledgeable customer support.

Experience the Plesk control panel
Innovative, intuitive, easy to use, secure, customizable

All Frontlines VPS plans come with the innovative, industry leading Plesk control panel included. Plesk for Linux and Windows, the latest releases, feature the Plesk desktop which gives you easy one click access to all your hosting and domain management tools.

Using Plesk's slick, intuitive interface, you can manage multiple hosting accounts, create client accounts with branded control panels, install site applications, create email accounts and databases, manage files, change passwords, create skins, and much more!



With the Plesk control panel, click an icon to:

• Create a database
• Create an email account
• Install a site application
• Create a client


Be the Master of Multiple Domains
Resell branded hosting, manage multiple sites

Ever wanted to resell hosting? Ever wanted to host a website for a friend? With a Domain.com VPS, you have the freedom to manage as many domains and hosting plans as you want. Give your clients or friends their own unique control panel where they can setup email accounts, add applications, create autoresponders, and much more!
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Compare our Windows VPS plans starting at only $59.95

Secure your web presence with Virtuozzo
An isolated environment with full root access

All our VPS plans use industry leading, hardened Virtuozzo technology. Virtuozzo divides a server into multiple partitions so that each partition acts exactly like its own server with its own independent operating system. With Virtuozzo, you have complete control of your server — you can even reboot it if you want. Unlike a shared hosting environment where all users share the same OS and one rogue script can slow everyone down, a VPS resides in its own private, secure environment, unaffected by other users.

Take advantage of a new era in hosting.
Harness the unlimited power of an affordable Frontline VPS.

Starting at only $29.95/mo.
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